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The Love Elixir

Get The Love You Want

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The Details

"The Love Elixir",

is an online video course

Created and presented by Elise Peck:

Wife, Mama, recognised as:
🫧”Best Love Manifestation Coach”- Microsoft Start
☀️”Visionary Methodologies” - Business Insider

What is The Love Elixir

The Love Elixir is a consume-at-your-own-pace online video program.

The Love Elixir is approximately 6 hours of video content, organised across 4 modules, which comprise the 4 Keys To Getting the Love (Marriage) That You Want.


This video course includes practical activities, tools, and closed eye processes to give you radical breakthroughs in your love life.


You will also have the opportunity to submit your questions to me via The Love Elixir in the Q&A section, and you will receive personalised advice in response.


Why The Love Elixir?

The Love Elixir is the result of thousands upon thousands of hours of mastery in love, including:

  • studying post-graduate social psychology at university;

  • interviewing experts on love via my podcast (including attachment specialists, licensed therapists, mental health experts, many other love and relationship coaches, and many people in decades long satisfying marriages);

  • supporting my personal 1on1 clients for thousands of hours to upgrade their love lives (with incredible results - see the Testimonials section below);

  • from consuming and researching "all the things" love related for years upon years; and

  • from my personal experimentation and embodied knowledge in my love-filled 16+ year relationship with my husband, whom I have 2 children with.


Past clients have experienced magnificent results in their loves lives including finally attracting eligible partners that want to commit to life partnership and marriage with them. 

To see what my clients have to say about working with me, please read the testimonials section on the front page of my website here, and/or peruse the"reviews" and "client love" highlight tabs on my instagram profile here.

Who is The Love Elixir for?

  1. For single people seeking a committed partnership and marriage in their future;

  2. For coupled up or married people seeking to get more of the love they want out of their current relationship; and

  3. For people with growth mindset who are willing to participate in the activities provided and to give the suggested tools a go. 

In Summary

I could not be more proud and excited to be able to share The Love Elixir with you, and I truly believe it will provide you with a radical up-level in your love life, so that you can finally get the Connection, Love (and Marriage) that you you want.


The best time to work on your ability to create, attract and get all the love and connection you want in your life, was yesterday ;) the second best time is today.


Don't wait a second longer to finally get the love you want. 

The Best News? It's currently only $888 AUD (Australian Dollars).

Enrol now by clicking the big gold button here:

P.s. I look forward to receiving your personal Q&A questions

(as part of The Love Elixir) 

& connecting with you then.

With gratitude, 

Elise Peck

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